IT Audit

Todays’ firms leverage information technology not only for growth, but also for sustaining in the market and maintaining a winning edge. Information technology audit looks at the effectiveness and efficiency of the IT system in your business. Our premium IT audit services enables you to keep a check on how robust and water tight are your IT systems.

We can help you realise the true potential of your IT systems by resolving inabilities and inefficiencies, cover risks, increase productivity, remove weeds out of system and create a proactive and healthy IT environment that nurtures your business towards a speedy growth.

We offer an entire range of IT Audit Services.

Our services enable you to-

Identify the real RoI of IT Services. Adapt the best business practices. Keep potential threats and data leakages at bay and maximize security. re-define and review the Business and IT processes. Enhance changes of IT projects completion and success. Improve customer satisfaction and increase consumer retention. Save time and money on learning curves and maturity.

Application Audit

Our Application audit services greatly improves upon the ease of doing business operations by assessing application performances, identifying the best practices, ensuring business continuity and optimizing capacity and configurations. We also undertake performance and architectural reviews which are crucial for your organization and can help in eliminating significant technical glitches.

Our services can provide the much required impartial and critical views on your application landscape, its effectiveness and competency.
Infrastructure Audit –

Finding out the ideal infrastructure capacity and growth plan for your business requires a thorough review of the end to end infrastructure vis-a-vis business plans and strategies of your organization. Through our infrastructure audit services, we can help you understand your current infrastructure requirements and formulate plans to optimally disburse the IT infrastructure investments of the future. Thus, substantial returns on Investment are guaranteed.

Through our services, you can ensure compliance, manage infrastructure risks, reduce infrastructure related productivity drains and eliminate the frequent infrastructure failures.

IT Security Audit

As per a global survey, reported security incidents increased by 38% in 2015 with respect to the previous year and threats on intellectual property have increased by 56% in same time period. The danger of data loss and security breach is imminent unless organizations adapt appropriate IT security practices. Our IT Security Audit helps you to understand the real-time threats faced by your business and evolve your current security and protection. It would also empower you to formulate the correct security policies and practices to ensure complete data security and safety of your business. Government and industry regulations are also considered in our purview.

Identifying the weaknesses of the IT infrastructure of your business before others can save you against unforeseen malicious intrusions, thereby avoiding critical data loss and subsequent financial damage. It can also help to reduce disruptions caused in business due to unethical hacking and data theft.

Vulnerability tests
Vulnerability tests can expose the current shortcomings in the infrastructure and applications of your business to help build superior prevention systems.

Today as organizations go online, exposure to threats keeps on increasing day by day. Knowing about the unknown enables you to reduce data piracy and have a proactive approach towards all kinds of threats. Our vulnerability tests can bring to light the vulnerabilities of your systems and help manage the risks evenly.
Penetration tests
Through-Penetration tests you can reduce the damages done due to attempts at hacking and information theft by penetration testing of applications, web and networks.

Our penetration testing services enables your business to intelligently manage the vulnerabilities, reduce business down time, increase business continuity, minimize the attacks on your IT systems and protect important information regarding clients, partners and regulatory requirements. It can also help to improve upon the brand image by the ensuring the safety of every stakeholder in your organization.
Security systems audits
The Security Systems Audits help review the overall security through architecture assessment and configuration audits and ensure that your firewalls, active directories and network infrastructure are capable of defending from multiple security threats.

Security System Audit can help you to build upon data confidentiality, integrity and availability. This in turn, will improve the reputation, credibility and net worth of your business. Through elimination of such risks, security system audit can help in generating unexpected returns on IT investments.

Governance Audit

Efficient and responsive information systems are the backbone of any business. Governance Audits can help you to understand how efficiently you are using your IT systems in various business processes. We aim to shift the focus from technology to customer service by reengineering the business model and bringing in flexibility, adaptability and speedy responses to market changes. Governance audit can effectively highlight the current IT risks in terms of business activities and processes, thus, plugging in the profit leaks.

Business process

By reviewing the business practices and gap analysis report, we can help you to identifying changes that are required and redraw the processes wherever necessary.

We can help you to bring in transparency in administration and ensure that appropriate controls are in place to check process deviations. It can also help your business to comply readily with the regulatory and social requirements from time to time. More importantly, it can highlight the cope for improvement.


Prepare your organization for the compliance and regulatory audit requirements by assessing IT risks, process gaps and map them against the industry standards like the ISO 27001.

Compliance is the major benefit of ISMS audit and it can help your business keep its marketing edge and reduce the operating costs in IT. Moreover, ISO 27001 can align all the business applications and processes with respect to the industry standards.


Focus on developing the IT services by identifying gaps implementing the best industry practices in order to increase the service quality and efficiency of your business.

A process based IT delivery system will help your business improve the processes continuously and weed out the inefficiencies with a subsequent increase in returns on IT investments. It can also help you find out the level of maturity that your business possesses.

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